Hurling Training






The first round of the intermediate premier championship is now only less than a month away. Unfortunately due to the bad weather conditions we have being getting our GAA field is un playable, therefore we have to travel to Tipperary Town to use the astro turf facilities they have there. Training is tough when you have to do it under lights as they can interfere with your sight when you are trying to catch, control or block the ball. We had training on Friday last. The size of the astro turf is nor very ideal for us to do tactics and some new skills we might do in a match. This meant all we did in training was some drills and running. We started off with running to the first cone and turing to give a hand pass to the next cone after a few minutes of that we then went to the second cone to give a ball to hand or along the ground. That was the warm up and then we stretched after. We then did long ball striking where one man would strike the ball along the ground or up high and you had to sprint out and collect it and strike it back. We then did a hand passing drill which can be very confusing and difficult for people to come to terms with it, the drill is called truck and trailer. We finished off the training with some fitness, we had to do a 3 minute plank and then a 5 minute run around the track. We then did our warm down and stretches and the manager had a little chat about what he wants from us.


Padraig Lawlor





One of the key aspects of been fit is keeping your core strong, the previous week this is what I worked on. Most movements come from the core so it is important to try and have the core of the body solid. I went to the gym three nights last week to work on exercises in order to strengthen my core. The exercises I practiced were sit ups, Russian twists, leg raises and the plank.


I timed myself per exercise I did forty seconds of doing the exercise and a ten second rest. I did these three times each and that was the end of my circuit. I did the circuit two times each night and I went into the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room after every session to relax my muscles so I would not be in too much pain the following day and able to continue the exercise plan.

Paudraig Lalwor