Blackrock V Bruree

On Sunday last we had a challenge match against Bruree. They won the intermediate championship last year. We decided that we would play  3 thirds rather than two halves. Each third was twenty minutes each. The pitch was in very good condition after all the rain that had falling over the last couple of weeks.

I was a sub for the first twenty minutes, just as the game started the weather changed from the sun we had all day it started to rain. The match was messy enough to begin with as the conditions were hard to play in.  After the first third Bruree were leading by 4 points. The second third started nearly straight away, we now had the wind to our backs so we came into the came more. I came on with 10 minutes to go on the second period. We ended up scoring 8 points and kept Bruree scoreless. After the second period we were now winning by four points. In the final third we took off most of our better players.  The rain stopped for the last third which made the hurling abit better even though it was still wet and slippy. The game was even and after the final third the game ended in a draw. Blackrock 0-16 Bruree 1-13.

Padraig Lawlor





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