The Start to Building My Fitness

Hurling training : 31/01/16pasted-image


This past weekend I took part in Blackrock GAA’s first training session for the 2016 year. This session included multiple drills to refresh fitness and skill after the break. Such drills included, striking the ball, hand passing, turning and sprinting. These drills worked on our ball work and started to challenge our fitness which will need to be built up for the matches. Due to the rain from the previous night before training, the ground was very heavy, cut up, and overall not in the best conditions. Training lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes and there was about 25 people attending. We were all required to run for short periods of time during the training session which included us jogging, sprinting and running backwards. IMG_1655_2

As it was the first training back for everyone, the overall fitness was very poor. Our managers put an emphasis on working on fitness individually to get to the level we need to be at by the time of the matches. The remainder of my blogs will focus on trying to reach my fitness goal for the hurling season ahead. I plan on doing so by working on fitness within the gym. I will also provide pictures and short videos recording my progression in my next blogs.

Padraig Lawlor



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